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Frédéric Hambye - OSE (ENG: 25/02/2015)

Episode Summary

Frédéric Hambye: Meditation for Business, an approach that has already convinced several CEO.

Episode Notes

On the mic, Frédéric Hambye presents his vision of well-being within companies. 

Frédéric speaks about the reasonable distance to relativize stressful situations, agility of mind, clear vision on our own actions, mental representation up to accommodate more easily what suits us and not trying to systematically remove what does not suit us.

Meditation serving businesses and workers, a technique that gives results, Frédéric Hambye is convinced about this and speaks with passion.

Above all, Frédéric is an entrepreneur who is member of transforma bxl. He is also the Cofounder & Chief Operating Officer of Urban Sphere SA in Waterloo. Urban Sphere operates under the commercial name “Exype – The place to Race”, high-end professional car race simulation center dedicated to fullfill the needs of professional pilots, gentlemen drivers, B2B events and the general public looking for an innovative, fun and exciting new experience.

His Linkedin presentation & specialities :

“15 years experience in collaborative management and socially responsible development of companies on national & international levels. Consumer Goods, Services, IT & Telecommunications, Luxury & Cosmetics. Strategic finance and hands on business development & marketing approach dedicated to your success.

Specialities: The “place” of the 4 marketing “p’s”: distribution networks and strategies. The “h” of “Happiness” in work-life balance. The other “h” of “human” in “Human Resources”

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